Work in progress – Adding color, small comic



I am currently adding some colors to my small comic. It is hand drawn using pencil and Char coal, but I am adding the colors Læs videre “Work in progress – Adding color, small comic”

Work in progress – Small Comic

I am currently working on a small comic with early childhood memories. 
And today I made the pencil and char coal finish. The plan is Læs videre “Work in progress – Small Comic”


United-Kingdom-flag-iconBook Trailer for the Graphic Novel PUSSYLAND EXPRESS, written by infamous Author Henrik List, And brought to life in pictures by the three graphic artist: Søren Mosdal, Pedro Lopez & Jørgen Bitsch.
Published on the Fahrenheit Publishing Company.
Music and Video by yours truly.

Put on your headphones, turn up and enjoy the bass


Bogtrailer for den nye danske graphic novel PUSSYLAND EXPRESS, skrevet af Henrik List og visualiseret af Læs videre “Bogtrailer – PUSSYLAND EXPRESS”